MICRON PRECISION PLASTICS, an IATF 16949:2016 & ISO 9001;2015 certified Firm, was established as a Small Scale Industry in the year 1996 to manufacture precision plastic injection moulded components. The scientific and quality conscious approach has earned the firm into good books of various customers. The firm has the expertise to develop & supply critical and high volume components. The firm supplies high volume critical components to various Automobile Industries with a high level of consistency.


MICRON PRECISION PLASTICS was established as a Small Scale Industry during the year 1996 to manufacture precision plastic injection moulded components, by young entrepreneurs with good working experience in various functions. The manufacturing activities were started after installation of first moulding machine during 1998. Initially, a number of engineering components were manufactured for consumer durable products such as washing machines, televisions & computers. During 1999, the firm started developing and supplying a number of components for Automotive window Regulators. During the same year, the firm started developing aesthetic components for washing machines. The scientific and quality conscious approach coupled with timely supplies at optimum costs have earned the firm into good books of all the customers.

  • Capability to develop critical components
  • Capability to manufacture components with high level of consistency
  • Capability to handle & process special plastic materials
  • Capability to develop components from concept to realization
  • Capability to fulfill customers schedules well in time
  • Awareness of latest technological developments in plastics

To fulfill the products’ requirements, the firm is equipped with state of art injection moulding machines and accessories supported by highly accurate measuring instruments & skilled personnel.

  • Office premises with modern gadgets viz conference room, lan with structured cabling, state of the art reception etc.
  • Mitutoyo make “quick scope” vision measurement system with very high measurement accuracy for quality assurance.
  • Finished goods storage with fifo.
  • Designated facilities for employees.
  • Ambient working environment.
  • Unit 1

  • Unit 1

  • Unit 2

  • Unit 2

  • Reception

  • Conference Room

  • Melt Flow Index Tester

  • Vision Measuring System

  • Finished Goods Storage


Quality has been the part of life for the full team in the organisation. Every member of the organisation is well trained and expert on the quality management system.

Over the years, the achievements of the firm are:

  • Addition of state of the art microprocessor based machines
  • Annualized sales growth
  • R&D support to various companies including MNC’s:
  • Expansion in floor area by more than 100%

The core strengths of the firm have been:

  • Developing critical components from the concept stage and manufacture the same with high level of consistency
  • Awareness and knowledge on various technological developments in plastics. The components that are presently manufactured by the firm are used in Automotive window regulators, Seating systems, Window Lift Motors, Fuel filler systems, Washing machines and Motors for washing machines etc.




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